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    The Positive Wellbeing Zine by Isabella and Us

    Isabella and Us, who you may have first come across in my post about depression and self-harm, is run by the lovely Emma Cottam. With a focus on supporting maternal mental health, Isabella and Us provides a quarterly publication called the Positive Wellbeing Zine. I got my own copy of the 4th issue recently, and I have to say I loved it! I reached out to Emma to ask her a few questions so I could learn more about her and her wonderful publication.

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    10 Most Weird, Wonderful and Challenging Changes of Motherhood

    When you're pregnant, breastfeeding and generally becoming a mum you expect there to be a lot of change: physical changes like weight gain as well as mental changes like post-natal depression. I researched all of these big things, but there were a few changes that I didn't anticipate would happen. Here's my list of the 10 big - and very some very specific! - changes that happened to me.

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    Coping with Gestational Diabetes as a Fussy Eater

    For this post I will be collaborating with Hermione who blogs over at Hermione's Pantry. We attended high school together but hadn't spoken in years before finding each other recently on Instagram. It turned out she has her own baby boy also called Rowan! So we're coming together to create a 'Food Baby' collaboration. Hermione will be sharing her expertise on weaning and I will be discussing my experience with gestational diabetes.

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    Top 6 Gifts for Newborns and Young Babies

    I was very fortunate to receive some really lovely gifts when I had Rowan. There are many more than just these 7 that we've really enjoyed, but if I had to pick favourites these would be it. If you're shopping around for gifts for a new or young baby, have a look at these!

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    Should I Hide my Scars from my Children?

    It's Maternal Mental Health week in the UK starting tomorrow, 5th May 2019. I was first made aware of this by the online campaign #winningasamummmy by Isabella and Us. There will be some social media posts going out with this hashtag to celebrate mum wins and to highlight mental health in mums. I've also read posts of fellow mum bloggers all about their experiences and have been inspired to share my own. The biggest challenge for me is not with postnatal depression but with the scars left from depression I suffered in the past.

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    The Parenting Alphabet Challenge

    There are some great tags and challenges that make their way around the internet and the mum blogging world is no exception. I recently got the opportunity to join in with the Parenting Alphabet Challenge thanks to Mum in the Moment blogger Abi Yardimci.

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    Life Coaching for Mums

    I discovered Fusion Life Coaching when thinking about how worried I was at putting Rowan in nursery when I go back to work. Fusion Life Coaching specifically supports mums, so I did a little Q&A to find out more.