About Me

Hello there! Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Coralie and I became a mum in January 2019 to my baby boy, Rowan. I live with my little bundle of joy and his father/my husband in the north of England. We also have two cats called Jet and Cleo 🙂

You may be here because, like me, you’re a new mum too; or perhaps you’re a mum-to-be, or a mum with a few little ones running around your feet! Either way, I’ve learnt that being a mum is an incredible journey of highs and lows. Even though half of the population on the planet have the potential to be on this journey, it is still a unique experience to every one of us.

I was not maternal when I was younger, and still feel awkward around other people’s children (how do you talk to a toddler?!), but when I met my husband I quickly realised I wanted to start a family; my maternal nature was awakened! Once we finally felt we were settled enough to start trying, I was very fortunate to get pregnant with our little boy. We have been over-the-moon ever since.

Sharing my stories

As I write this I have my laptop on my knee and Rowan snoozing on my chest (and my cat Cleo trying desperately to fill the non-existent space in between!). My life has changed completely and, though there are many, many challenges, I love my life as mum. I wanted to create this blog to record the moments both good and bad, because they’re all precious.

Joining a community

When I was pregnant I consumed countless mummy blogs and vlogs as I tried to get a sense of what was coming my way. I found them helpful, eye-opening and also humorous and it felt wonderful to be part of this community. I hope my blog can provide you with the same support, laugh-out-loud moments and the sense that you are not alone: remember – you got this!

To find out more, head to my Welcome page, and see my latest posts on my Home page.