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The Parenting Alphabet Challenge

There are some great tags and challenges that make their way around the internet and the mum blogging world is no exception. I recently got the opportunity to join in with the Parenting Alphabet Challenge thanks to Mum in the Moment blogger Abi Yardimci – you can check out her A-Z Challenge responses here and see where this challenge was originally created at Yule Times.

So check out my answers below – how many do you relate to?


The Parenting Alphabet Challenge

A is for Adaptation

When I became a new mum the realisation that this tiny being was dependent on me 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, was pretty mind-blowing. Yes, I’d had nine months of knowing this was coming, but when the moment finally arrives (in amongst all the stress and fatigue of the birth!) it does hit home! So from the get-go my body and mind had to adapt, and adapt quickly, to this new life and new identity.

B is for Breastfeeding

When I was pregnant I approached the concept of breastfeeding with an open mind as I was very willing to try but conscious that I might not be successful. It was one of the things I was dreading the most but now I love it. I did find it very tough in the beginning and there were many times I thought about giving up. However, I kept going and am now feeling the rewards of no more pain Рjust a special time I get to have with my son.

C is for Community

I never really appreciated what a ‘community’ really felt like before becoming a mum. I never felt that sense of belonging as I do now and it’s a big club full of people doing awesome things for one another. There are mum bloggers, mum businesses and mum charities and they all provide amazing knowledge and support to new members!

D is for Dads

I knew my husband would be a natural as a dad and, sure enough, he’s been confident with Rowan from the beginning. He’s supported me so well, to the point that I know that if he could grow a pair of boobs to take on some of the night time feeds, he would in a flash!

E is for Enjoy

As I hear time and again from other mums, enjoy them while they’re small – they grow up so fast! But it’s so true: I’m only four months in and Rowan has already changed so much!

F is for Freedom

And by this I mean a total lack of freedom! You eventually get used to it, but at first it can be a bit daunting that every decision you make has to factor in that little bundle of helplessness you’ve just produced. When I do get a moment of freedom (like a cinema outing or shopping trip with my husband) I want to savour it, but to be honest I just end up wanting to be back with my boy!

G is for Green Poo

Like green pesto…so weird

H is for Hands

Sticky, messy, tiny little hands that like to grab and put things straight into mouth! But when that hand first holds on to your finger, it’s truly magical.

I is for Immediacy

I’ve never moved with such urgency before in my life. As soon as I hear Rowan crying, everything else has to stop as my brain empties of all other thoughts except¬†how do I stop the crying NOW?! Granted, as time goes on, you get used to which cries really are urgent and which ones mean you can just finish those last mouthfuls of lunch before you have report for duty again!

J is for Jealousy

When I’m in my weaker moments and trawling through social media, what I once found inspiring I start to become jealous of. It’s a useless emotion, jealousy, and preys on me when my confidence is low. But I know I should be grateful for what I have and celebrate other mums. We so often just put our best bits on social media it’s easy to assume someone’s life is that good all the time. But everyone has their highs and lows and parenting is definitely a roller coaster!

K is for Kisses

Kissing Rowan’s chubby cheeks is just the best!

L is for Longing

I’ve never felt such a sense of longing as when I’ve been away from Rowan a while. I suddenly feel almost panicky with a need to be with him! Then when I get to him and he’s in a grump the longing is lessened somewhat(!)

M is for Memories

I have been so keen to record as many moments with Rowan as I can so I have the memories to look back on. That’s one of the big motivations for this blog, as a place to write down my thoughts and experiences on this incredible journey.

N is for New

New mum, newborn, new everything! The fact I have a brand new person whose experience of the world is totally new never ceases to amaze me!

O is for Opportunities

As I guide Rowan through life I know it will bring me so many opportunities I would never otherwise have. Even just meeting new people as I join in different parenting activities feels like a whole other world has opened up for me.

P is for Pride

I know it’s one of the seven deadly sins and all but it is nice to feel proud every now and then. Just a simple hug from my own mum to show she’s proud of me as a new mum is a lovely thing.

Q is for Quiet

I never realised I would feel panic at the lack of sound. When Rowan was really tiny there were so many times I would check he was breathing just because he was sleeping so quietly. Nowadays there’s usually plenty of squirming, farting and cooing to break the silence!

R is for Reinforcements

My biggest reinforcement is my mum. In the few short months I’ve been doing this I’ve called on her help from a car park, on a bench when out for a walk and even just from my own living room. It’s usually when my own attempts to stop Rowan crying or to get him to sleep have failed. She’s always ready to head off with him in the pram, bring cake to bolster my reserves or just be a second pair of hands.

S is for Sister

My own sister that is. She’s another reason I have started this blog because she’s currently globetrotting with her husband and left when Rowan was about 8 weeks old. She made the most of those 8 weeks, though, and if this trip of their’s hadn’t been in the making for so long I’m not sure she would have left! I decided to start this blog as a way of keeping her up-to-date with mine and Rowan’s own little adventures, while she has hers. Miss you big sister!

T is for Tiny

When I look back on pictures of Rowan as a brand new baby I can’t believe just how tiny his [insert body part here!] was. I’m sure in just another few months I’ll look back at the clothes he is wearing now and think of them as tiny!

U is for Understatement

You will be exhausted as a parent: understatement; you will love like you’ve loved nothing else: still an understatement; baby’s poop can vary from time-to-time: massive understatement!

V is for Vaccines

When Rowan got his first vaccinations it was heart-breaking to see him cry! But as I see in the news about the rise of measles and other vicious diseases because fewer parents are vaccinating their children, it makes me more determined to keep him protected.

W is for Whispering

My husband has a very deep and often loud voice so to prevent making Rowan jump and wake up from a nap he has to make sure he whispers while everyone else can just speak a little more quietly!

X is for (E)Xtreme

Babies tend to go from one extreme to the other: happy one minute, screaming the next; pooping every hour, to no poop for a day. The worst is when Rowan went from sleeping for longer periods at night to suddenly going back to just a couple hour

Y is for YOLO

Oh dear, did I really just say ‘yolo’?! Ok apart from embarrassing myself by using slang I’m way too old for, I do like the sentiment that You Only Live Once and applying it to parenthood. There are so many firsts and I sometimes feel a little pang of sadness as I start to tick off the milestones that Rowan is reaching as they’ll never be a ‘first’ for those again!

Z is for Zoo

Ok so there aren’t many Z words I can think of but I am genuinely excited for when we first take Rowan to a zoo to see the animals!


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