Rowan's Roundup

10 Weeks Old: Baby Cooing!

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Walk, walk, walk!

I started the week with another walk – the furthest we’ve gone yet – just around the country roads outside of my village. The weather was a bit chilly and overcast but it was dry and the fresh air and exercise felt good. I’m starting to build up my fitness again and pushing the pram up the steep Cumbrian hills is definitely a workout! I stopped to take some pictures of the lovely views:


Growing like a weed!

Rowan is now transitioning out of the smaller 0 to 3 month clothes and into the bigger ones in that age range (because no two babygros are alike in size!). It’s amazing how quickly babies grow out of clothes! Rowan’s wardrobe is gradually dwindling as many of the clothes we were given or bought ourselves are in the smaller sizes. But that just means I don’t feel bad for my many spontaneous purchases of whenever I’m out shopping! I mostly buy from the Nutmeg range at Morrisons or Matalan, both of which have been a great source of clothing.


Goo-goo Ga-ga

Speaking of growing up fast, Rowan’s cooing sounds have taken a big leap forward! I didn’t realise that babiesĀ actually say ‘goo-goo’ and ‘ga-ga’ but Rowan has definitely got a handle on those! I caught him talking very intently to his bear that hangs on his play mat and managed to get some on video:


Happy bath time

I also got some great pictures of him enjoying his bath which is the Shnuggle Baby Bath. It provides a good seat for him as it has a little ridge in the bottom for his legs to go over and a more grippy surface for his back to go against. It’s a portable bath so we can take it into different rooms in the house – wherever it’s warmest!


Poop stains (and how to remove them!)

While Rowan is kept clean in the bath, we’ve been going to town with the Vanish pre-wash gel thanks to the countless nappy explosions! I was skeptical that anything could get baby poop stain out of clothes but actually the Vanish gel really does the trick. For really bad staining though it tends to need a wash first then using the Vanish gel for a second wash. Oh the joys of parenting!


Sleep update

Overall Rowan has definitely been sleeping consistently longer and going to bed consistently earlier. He now generally goes down at 10pm and sleeps until about 2am when I give him a feed and super-ninja nappy change(!) and then sleeps again until about 5am and then 7am. I’m so glad he’s developing his sleep pattern, now he just has to sleep through from 2am to 7am and I’ll be laughing!


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