Welcome to My Life as Mum – an online hub for new mums, mums-to-be and mums with kids of any age (so that’s all mums!). As I record my new life with my new baby, I hope to provide support to others with informative posts, humorous anecdotes (my ultimate goal: to help you crack a smile at 3am while you’re feeding your baby!) and create a community feel by promoting other mums in the business of supporting you and your little one. Remember, we’re all in this together!

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About Me

See this page to learn a little more about who the heck I am!


Read my blog for content ranging from product reviews, tags and challenges to all things mum and baby. I aim to upload at least one new post every week!

Discover Mums

Within my blog I will be promoting other mums who are providing information and support for mum and baby. There will be interviews, guest posts and reviews of a variety of mummy businesses and bloggers. If you want to be part of this feature just get in touch!

Rowan’s Roundup

This is a regular roundup of what Rowan and I have been up to including as many cute pictures as I can muster!


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